Is Substance abuse a mental health disorder?

mental-illnessDrug addiction is seen by several as some kind of falling short of the mind, and not considered a mental health problem. Substance abuse has moved to another group, although that comparatively much less problematic conditions like anxiety and insomnia are acknowledged as mental health conditions. The truth about drug addiction reveal that it is a biological and physiological problem, with the body yearning the effects that these narcotics have on the brain. The divide between mental illness and drug addiction is thin, yet there is a line. However, current study is starting to expose information that is making this line appear even thinner and extra obscured compared to what it already is. It would certainly show up that medication dependency and psychological conditions, such as anxiety and depression, are not as distinctive of each other as at first thought. Continue reading

Drug Addiction Defined

addiction-550762_960_720Although drug dependency is an intricate disease, giving meaning for that disease is rather easy. Drug dependency is defined as the continued compulsive use of medications even with adverse health consequences.

The interpretation of drug dependency must also include the fact that it is a state of reliance on a particular drug. Usually, it’s thought of as a physical dependence, but in actuality, there is an emotional addiction along with a psychological dependency. Some state that it is an uncontrollable abuse or compound dependence. Continue reading