Let me introduce myself. My name is Katherine and I work with substance abuse patients. It has been a long journey, personal and professional, but it has been well worth it. To tell you how I got to where I am, I will give you some backstory.

If you looked at me, you would have never guessed that I used to be a drug addict. Yep, I was well-off, lived in a big home in the suburbs, had two wonderful children, a husband, and college degrees. Yet, I was hooked on prescription drugs just like a junkie in the alley. It’s something when I think back because I never thought in a million years it would happen to me. I mean, I was living the dream life. But here’s the thing: I was miserable. I was depressed and so unhappy with me that the first “out” I got, I took hold of it and ran.

After getting myself some professional help, I decided to turn around and help others who like me. The surprising thing I learned about substance abuse is that it usually is a result of another issue in someone’s life (depression, alcohol, not dealing with childhood abuse, etc.). I want those who want and need help, or people who just need someone to talk to, that I am here. I think that is what’s most important to know when you are recovering and afterwards.

So, this is my blog and I hope you will learn something from it.